Summer so far

This summer has been amazing so far.
Meeting new people.
Got the proofs of my next book and LOVE the layout especially the start of each new chapter.
Keith Urban concert
Being baptized with my cousin
Having family come to town
Having friends up to the lake.

I have been busy nanny for a family I have known for 6 years. They now have 4 children 9 yr old, 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 9 month old. I spent today teaching the two older ones how to play the card game Skipo.

I have also been busy making labels for the postcards of my next book that I will be mailing out very soon. I have made nearly 500 labels. I have already mailed out 100 of them. It is a postcard of my next book and the details about it on the postcard.

Some nights I find myself thinking in 4 months my life will be even more open then ever before. I have to remind myself why I do what I do and put aside the thoughts of how I have really exposed my life and instead remember my purpose behind it.

There are some things that I have recently learned in the past few months and days that have really hurt me but I have not allowed myself to write about those things here on my blog because they were said by people that are not apart of my life. However I heard just days ago a certain someone is now telling LIES about me. Saying I said something during a speech that I NEVER in a million years would say. Something so mean and twisted they are trying to make me look evil and turn people against me. It also connected the dots for my family and I why certain people suddenly turned on us with no explaination. Then we learned of the lies being spread and who knows who this person is telling. The thing this person does not realize is the speech they are saying I made such a horrible evil statement was videotaped as I record every speech I give and I have proof this person is making up lies and you will find no where on this speech me saying this twisted sick statement. As the person who told me not to confront this person because it is not worth it and as she reminded me “What would Jesus do?” Truth is I won’t waste my time confronting this person as I had planned because it will do no good only show me the anger and hatred this person has towards me and as this person has shown me in the past she will deny every saying such statements. Instead we pray for her bitterness and anger and that God can soften her heart and OPEN her eyes!


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