Survivor Letter

Dear Erin,
I would like to tell you that your book has been very insightful and has given me a lot of answers and peace of mind in regards to some issues that I have faced in my lifetime similar to yours. I have always been too afraid and  embarrassed to talk about the abuse that I suffered in my childhood and was devastated when  the girl I had fallen in love with revealed the same secret to me about her past. Our relationship was never the same and I went through a great amount of emotional pain for her but never had the courage to try and start a healing process so that we could grow together because I didn’t want to stir up broken memories for her or myself. Reading your book I believe helped me understand what she might have gone through and also gave me a sense in understanding feelings that I have hidden within my soul for pretty much my whole life.
One day I hope to muster the courage that you poses and openly discuss my past so that I can let go and truly live free along with my friend who is one of the people that I love and care for and who I left hanging when she tried to reach out to me and take me on a journey of healing that would have benefit both of us. Thank you for writing this book and being a hero to so many people including myself. Keep being an inspiration and GOD BLESS YOU!


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