Ten Years Later

Ten years ago today is a day we all will never forget where we were. It is an anniversary where every year a nation remembers the lives of those who died on that tragic day in New York and Pennsylvania.  I remember clearly that day being 16 years old and hearing the announcement over the intercom by the Principle who made us take a moment of silence. My teacher said this is a day you will never forget. You will remember exactly where you were. The rest of the day was spent going from each class and watching the news on television. We all sat back in shock at what we were seeing. A year later I wrote a poem for the first anniversary. My local Chicago AM radio station WLS had me read it over the air and the school recognized the day starting the morning off that year with me reading that poem over the school announcements and then taking a moment of silence. This is what the poem said.

One Year Later

Everyone will remember

Last September

It has been one year

And many still live in fear.

Lives changed forever

But America moves on together.

At the time

We wondered who could commit this crime.

I won’t mention his name

It’s too much of a shame.

Many would ask why?

Others would just cry.

2,976 did not survive

But thousands are thankful to be alive.

We stayed true to our country.

Hanging the Red, White, and Blue,

Countries all over, flew our flag too.

The twin towers are gone

A big whole was created in the Pentagon.

While all our eyes were on ground zero

In the skies over Pennsylvania

Would soon come true heros.

Today look into your soul

Todd Beamer did and he said, “Let’s Roll!”

“God Bless America”


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