The Changes Here

Blog: a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site.

For the past 3 years I have used this blog exactly as the definition of what a blog is. Putting personal thoughts, reflections, etc. on my life, abuse, and abusers. I have come to the decision to make change and will no longer be putting my personal thoughts about my abuse and my abusers on my blog nor will I put out there other personal information. There are two books Stolen Innocence and Living For Today that give you enough of that. There is only one place I will allow myself to speak of this topic and the only way to hear that is being in the audience while I am on stage at a conference, school, etc. I will still post now and then sample clips of me speaking to see where I am going or articles and interviews I have done. Here is an article from Wednesday after I spoke in McHenry, Illinois.

While I will still be addressing the issue of sexual abuse here it will not be about my abuse. You will be hearing me talk about other survivors coming forward, the progress of Erin’s law, my own advice to survivors out there on different issues, and topics completely unrelated to sexual abuse. In fact I will even take your feedback on things you would like to see me write about here. However I will not discuss my own abuse here nor answer any questions about it. I am not giving that area of my life any attention anymore here and if you are wondering my reasons there are a few. First I don’t see it as being healthy for me anymore, second I am becoming more and more recognized and with so many people that read this I need my privacy. From a year ago today 22,675 people have come to this blog, 8,365 of those this year alone, 155  this week. Many of whom are just lurkers who stay in the shadows not commenting just following what I do and I know not all of those people that read this are good or safe people. I will leave it at that.

My life is about Living For Today so from here on out I am going to be talking about TODAY and the future to come. The past has been talked about enough and I will only be giving that area of my life attention if I am on a stage or in an interview.

So bring me to speak or get a seat in the audience because that is the only place I will ever discuss my own  abuse and how I rose above it. Stay tuned!


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