The direction I am going in life

I never really thought about what it would be like at the end of my college career. My 4 years of undergrad and 1 year of grad school and finishing with my masters in social work was 5 amazing years of my life. I learned so much in those five years and experienced life to the fullest. At the same time I never thought of when it all ends. I guess I was just too busy enjoying it to even think about it. The end has come and in just a few weeks my responsiblities as the school social work intern in the high school I work at will come to an end on June 12. What happens after that I am not yet certain? I am waiting to see what door God will open next in my life. I have prayed every single night for the past two months about this. I want to work where I can make a difference and walk away satisfied that I knew when I was 12 years old I wanted to be a social worker because I could help people get beyond the challenges they face and I stuck with that career choice. I just don’t know where it is going to take me.

I would love to just travel the world and be a motivational speaker and I am working on that on the side while on my quest to find my first real job with my degree. I started off just applying in my state of Illinois then I began looking into a few places in the other state I have grown up in and that is Wisconsin. Soon I decided to look beyond just Illinois & Wisconsin and started applying in numerous states all along the northeast and southeast part of America.
My father encourages me to stay in state and live at home another year to pay off college loans. I see his point at the same time unless I am a best selling author by the end of next year those college loans will still be there might not take me as long to pay them off but they will still be there. My mom also encouraged me to stay close to home she doesn’t like the idea of me being so far from them. Then I started to show her some of the places I applied and one place I heard back from and waiting to set up an interview in North Carolina and after looking at the pictures my mother said “Go for it and I will move down there too.” She couldn’t believe how beautiful North Carolina is. I have never been there but the photos tell a beautiful story. My mom’s fear was I would know nobody if I relocated and my response back to her was “When have I ever had a problem meeting new people?” Heck I am much better with trusting strangers then many people I have know most of my life. I know that sounds crazy but I have never been hurt by a stranger and I have been hurt by people I know, loved, trusted, and share the same blood. Notice I cannot call them my family because they are no longer my family. Not a choice I made but a choice they made. I continue to pray for those people day in and day out. I must note I am pleased with one of those people who contacted my younger sister today and apologized for the way he handled something over a month ago. God is listening you just have to be patient.

That is where I leave things tonight in God’s hands knowing he will guide me in the direction he wants me to take in life. He will open that next door to my future and he already knows when and where it will take me. Will it be down the street, a few miles away, in the city, a state over, or across the country? Only time will tell but I trust Him more then anything in the world. The truth is I trust very few people in this world and for good reasons.


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