Is it Time to Evict?

Your probably wondering what is the meaning behind the title of this post. If you rented out a home that someone stopped paying rent on you would most likely evict them.

Well what if you were paying the price for someone who was never welcome to begin. Not only are you paying for it but you never invited them in to begin.

Do you see where I am going with this?

When you have been sexually abused the abuser has taken over your mind and body and you get stuck paying the price. You now have the aftermath to deal with paying for the crime they committed. Maybe it was a crime that happened once maybe it happened for years. Everyone knows there is no way to erase the past once you have been abused those memories will always be there but what about if they continue to haunt you and bring you back to that place of horror like you are there in the moment reliving it all over again. It is like he is living inside you and you can’t get rid of that monster. A monster you never invited in to begin that you now pay the price for in the flashbacks.

So just like you would if someone was not paying rent you would go in and evict them for not paying rent. Well when you have been abused you pay a big price for the crime through the memories. So wouldn’t you think it would be a good idea to go in and evict that evil from your memory telling it that it is not allowed.

I recently had this brought to my attention about evicting the abuser from your memories.

Sounds easy right….think again!

So you are probably wondering how do you do this?

Honestly I don’t have an answer because I don’t know. I don’t even know if it is possible someone just mentioned it to me about evicting memories. Is it possible to force out memories and never have them haunt you again?

In a real situation when you would evict someone from a home you could confront them face to face which a brave person would do. Someone else might throw the person’s belongings to the curb. Someone else might give them to the end of the week to get everything out. Someone else might just change the locks and not allow that person back in.

In the abusive situation when someone has abused you do you evict them from your memory by confronting them in these flashbacks giving you the control? Saying the brave things you were too afraid to say as a child? Do you take the angry approach and become the strong person in the flashbacks who is taking all their anger out on this person not in the darkness of the flashback but outside kicking them to the curb and letting them have it. Maybe it is something that you wait on over time to see if it will have stopped haunting you after a week or month. Maybe the answer is changing the locks inside yourself to find that feeling of feeling safe again where you didn’t as a child and the fear, anxiety, and unsafe feelings will settle and the memories will stop haunting you.

I don’t have the answer I don’t know. I am just throwing things that come to my mind at this very moment and want to know your response. Is it possible to evict memories from haunting you  that make you relive terrible memories where you can feel both the emotional and physical trauma?


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