Title of my next book

I am trying to figure out the title of my next book, what sounds best?

The Cat who thought he was Human

The Neurotic Cat

Trouble with Bailey

The Cat with 9 Lives

Bailey Tales


Bailey watching Animal Planet two nights ago. I did not put the cat this way he sits like this himself…no joke! I did however put the remote on him of course.


Having a cold one while watching TV


He is potty trained. Actually he isn’t I caught him on the toilet trying to get a drink of water. He likes to drink out of the toilet and happened to catch this picture.


He is passed out asleep in the middle of the floor.

springsemester2007 040

If there is a human in the room he is in your lap.


He likes to be by someone at all times including in the car. Just goes to show how big he really is.

Okay the truth is my next book is not on Bailey however there could be a pretty interesting book on this affectionate, large, attention seeking cat. His meow alone does not sound like a cat. Some have mistaken him for a babies cry. I have witnessed people who hate cats come to love Bailey when they meet him. He just has that charm about him. Not your typical house cat.


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