To Whom it May Concern

I wrote a poem this week something I have not done in a very long time.

To Whom it May Concern

We were once family
I looked up to you
And I trusted you too
All it took was one night
When everything changed

You betrayed my trust
You took years I cannot get back
You stole my innocence
You changed the course of my life

You chased me around the house
You locked me behind closed doors
You laughed into my face
You silenced my voice

You brought me into more than one closet
You pushed me into the bathroom
You trapped me against the wall in the shower
You tricked me into the storage room
You found me in the basement
You held me down on the couch
You forced me onto many beds
You cornered me any opportunity you had

You told me no one would believe me
You reminded me this was our secret
You said if I told anyone I would destroy our family
You could not keep me silent forever

I found my voice
I exposed the evil inside of you
I struggled for many years after breaking my silence
I live with the memories of your actions the rest of my life
I confronted you to release me from my inner pain
I showed you who was in control now

I did not want revenge
I just wanted answers
I learned so much during those seven months of corresponding

I let go of the anger
I no longer hated you
I stopped wishing you were dead

I read the words I’m sorry
I accepted your apology with forgiveness
I saw God transform my life
I began praying for you

I watched our relatives turn their back on my family and I
I saw them all take your side
I witnessed them go into denial when you confessed
I thought evil had won again
I was hurt to see many upset over an interview I did on television on forgiveness
I am stunned when they learned you molested us and showed no sympathy
I will never understand that and I am sure it saddens God deeply
I have come to learn you need their support we do not
I mourned their loss in my life and have moved on

I am glad they gave you a second chance
I know you need all the support you can get
I cannot imagine living with the shadow that follows you
I only hope you never betray someone in that family again

I wish you all the best in what the rest of your life will bring you
I mean that when I say that.
I have a forgiving heart that will never stop praying for you.
I learned not to be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.
I did just that with the evil you showed me
I will continue on living for today.



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