The best and worst day of your life this far.

It is the question I was asked this weekend when my Aunt Besty was in town visiting from Michigan. She is my mother’s sister. We went to dinner and while at dinner she turned to my mother and I and asked “What has been the worst day of your entire life?” If you have read either of my books in Stolen Innocence I describe that day on pages 46-51 the last time my cousin ever trapped me behind closed doors for several hours. I describe in my 2nd book  Living For Today that day on page 11-14, and I went on to describe the other worst day of my life on page 46-51. Moments I recently described to someone last week so crystal clear in my memory as if they took place yesterday. From the background noises, to the items in the room, to the look in both their eyes.  Those two single events weeks shy of 7 on a January day, and just turned 13 on a March night were by far the worst two days of the 9, 327 days I’ve been alive.

Those two days alone had enough of an impact on me to shape me to be the person I am today.  Those two days did not kill me, but they did kill my innocence and ability to trust.

Then my aunt asked what has been by far the greatest day in your life. If you know me well enough you’d know by now it was April 28th, 1997. I was 12 years old. I describe this day in both my books as well. I was living in silence by two evil men that had abused me but on that single day all I could think about was watching my greatest dream come true when my mom surprised me with my yellow labrador retriever Chance who had just turned a year old and is now a 14 years and almost 4 months and living on borrowed time. As I tell Chance every morning when I hear him bark to be walked or I wake him. “You stole another day!” I am very attached to Chance and am not yet sure how I am going to let go of the greatest thing from my childhood. I cannot think of how life will be not starting my morning with walking the dog or ending my night by walking him. I just wish there was an easier way of saying goodbye then putting them down. I cannot tell you how many times I have prayed to God to take him in his sleep. I want to be the last one with him so I will not let anyone bring him in to put him down I just cannot yet bring myself to do that. He still finds too much enjoyment in eating, if off a leash he slowly walks around the yard until you actually sit him down however his balance is not the best because of his bad hips.

He is outside barking at this very moment which means I need to end this post. He knows how to get my attention.

So thinking of your life thus far what has been the worst and greatest day or your life.


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