Your thoughts on confronting

I got thinking while reading over my manuscript of my second book to make my blog a little more interactive by getting the thoughts of others. What sparked this thought was wondering what others thought of confronting the ones that abused them or in the professional field what professionals think of clients who want to confront their past.

If you have read my first book Stolen Innocence you will know that I confront my cousin through a series of letters and one telephone conversation. Some might think it is too risky others might think it is healing. I am wondering what others think on this. Do you think it causes more bad then good. Was my situation a rare one that I got a response. I have seen others take confrontation on sexual abuse to a bigger level then I did and that is showing up at the offenders doorstep and confronting them. Believe me I considered that before.

Confronting for myself led me to let go of so much anger and hate and find forgiveness but I know not everyone who confronts their past will get the same response I get or the same outcome. I will say this much I have seen the side of confronting in two different ways. I confront someone else in my second book Living for Today. I will not say much more on that you will have to wait and find out in the fall when it is released but I will say it was different then my first experience but I honestly have no regrets in confronting in both situations. The individual I confront in my second book is a person I have not seen since I was 8 years old. I got the closure I was looking for in both situations of confronting even though they both turned out so very different.

I wish I could write more but I have to go pick my parents up at O’hare airport. Their plane arrives a little after ten. They are coming back from Florida where they have been laying in the sun since Monday. I will be jealous when I see them since it has been cloudy and raining here in Chicago since they left.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this even if you are not an abuse survivor what do you think about confronting. Is it good, bad, would you do it?


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