Who is your Abigail in your life?

Every Wednesday night I go to “the gathering” at my church. It is a service put on by the 20’s ministry in my church. Usually I am looking forward to going. Wednesday night I sit with friends at the gathering then we all go out afterwords. Last night I really did not have the energy to go. I was not feeling it and really just wanted to call it an early night and go to bed.  I am so glad I did not talk myself out of going. Josh Riebock who I have heard speak before gave such an incredible message. A man who lives in Texas but from Illinois. I hope you will take the time to listen to his message. A very powerful one that will make you laugh and make you think really deep about things in your own life. I love how honest Josh is in this message. He makes you really think and gives you many questions to ponder over. Questions I am pondering over.  I promise you this hour video is so worth watching. I saw it last night and watched it again today from the video below.

In case you cannot see it click here to watch. http://www.iamaxis.org/potential-josh-riebock/

Who is the person in your life when you are making a bad choice, is praying for you?

Who is the person who will tell you things you don’t want to hear?

If you believe in prayer who in your life is begging God to work in your life?

Are you willing to be open and honest?

Who are you going to be Abigail to?

“God loves using other people to transform our lives. Are you willing to let someone do that?”


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