Christmas 2009

Christmas of 2009 was bittersweet. We traveled to Michigan to be with my mom’s family for a Christmas party at my aunt and uncle’s. Not everyone could make it because they living across the country but the ones that did we had a great time. When we returned home Sunday evening on the 19th we noticed our cat “Chicken” who I talk about in my 2nd book had not moved from the laundry basket he was in when we left. She lost a bunch of weight we recently noticed and she was not eating or drinking. She could not walk on her back legs so we knew we had to get her to the vet. My sister took her in Monday only to learn she had kidney failure and we had to put her down. There were a lot of tears in our house. It was the 11 year old barn cat we got from Lake Geneva that was so tiny when we got her she fit in a wine glass. We have a photo of that somewhere. I took a picture of her and my orange cat Bailey the night before she died. The house isn’t the same without her here, and our other cat greatly misses her and keeps crying and laying in the corner of where Chicken spent her last night. We spent Christmas Eve morning with our wonderful next door neighbor Sid who is 94 years old. We have adopted him as our Grandpa over the years.  We have spent every Christmas with him since we moved next door to him 16 years ago. I also had fun dressing up my dog Chance and cat Bailey. The cat is not to fond of being dressed up.

I hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas and looking forwarding to a healthy and happy new year. I have many great plans for 2010 including lots of traveling to shatter the silence.

God Bless!



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