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11 months after  Erin’s law was signed by my own Governor of Illinois and  6 months since Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed it this week New York senate has introduced the bill and has been assigned to be heard by the Senate Education Committee. (Erin’s Law N.Y. Language) I am grateful for Senator Klein and Valesky of N.Y. that introduced the bill. I met with them in  October when I spoke in New York and did a press conference with them.

Tomorrow I am headed to my own state capital along with the entire Erin’s Law task force. Our day begins at 9am as we come together in a conference room for an entire day of finalizing the recommendations we will be submitting to Governor Quinn June 1st. This is the major piece to Erin’s law being signed into law. This task force has done amazing work. I am so happy to see what we have done over the past year. A group of nearly 20 people that has met monthly and subcommittee groups that have done conference calls aside from our monthly group meeting. Each sub committee has a focus from researching prevention curriculum, parents, teachers, and administrator education and trainings. Our goal is not just to educate children. Our goal is to educate children, parents, teachers, administrators,  and society as a whole. I have received so much material over the year it took an entire large suitcase to pack it up to bring to our day long meeting on Monday.


Once I return home Monday night I won’t be home for long. I was told Friday by Indiana Senate sponsor Rogers of Erin’s Law that it will be heard Wednesday afternoon at 1:30pm at the capital in Indianapolis and asked if I would still be able to testify. I am so glad I have that day open and I got an early enough heads up. Wednesday morning I will pick up my rental car and head to Indianapolis and my sister is coming with me. I hope I can convince Indiana senators the way I did in Illinois and Missouri. In the days and weeks to come I will have even more to share about action other states that are introducing Erin’s law this year. The state that I want to see next introduce Erin’s law is Oregon. Why Oregon? Well I found out on Christmas I am going to be an aunt. My sister is expecting her first child and lives in Oregon.

It is going to be a busy year for Erin’s law….no doubt about it!

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Erin Merryn Monday April 19th on Laredo, Texas Spanish news station. http://www.kldotv.com/noticia/2011/04/18/247840-erin-merryn-habla-abuso-sexual-durante-conferencia.html If you don’t know Spanish you might not be able to understand since it is done in Spanish. They translated for me since I gave up on Spanish after 8th grade. :)

Erin Merryn Radio Interview that aired April 14th on Jon Leiberman Show. (Correspondent of America’s Most Wanted) http://www.dqrm.com/shows/Leiberman/2011/leiberman-15.mp3 I just did another interview with him via Skype that will be airing soon.

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