Maria Shriver brings awareness to “Erin’s Law”

If you were to go on Maria Shriver’s blog or her facebook page you will see she is giving light to Erin’s law through an article I wrote for her to recognize the work I am doing with Erin’s Law.


Roanoke, VA Thursday night event.

I just returned from Virginia where I spoke to a large audience. After my speech someone in the audience called a local state senator and asked to see if he could schedule time in the morning to meet me. Sure enough he did. The next morning I was meeting with Senator John Edwards of Virginia to discuss Erin’s law. He was very positive about it all and I think it is looking promising that Virginia might just be the next state to add to this list. Right before I got on my plane Thursday to fly to Virginia I got a response back from a Georgia Senator who is going to introduce Erin’s Law next session.


Senator John Edwards of Virginia.

Where do things stand on Erin’s law. The task force in Illinois submitted our final report to Governor Quinn. A 20pg. report on our recommendations for the children of Illinois and hopefully an entire nation one day.

I will be in Albany, N.Y. at the end of the month at the capital as they vote on Erin’s law for the state of New York.

I receive emails daily that I cannot keep up with and I apologize don’t have the time to respond to all. Many college students asking to write papers on Erin’s law, others wanting to get Erin’s law in their state. This is the information I can give you on Erin’s Law across America. I posted a letter you can use on Erin’s law facebook page notes to use as a guide in writing your state senator.

Erin’s Law Across America


New York

Missouri Senator Ryan McKenna

Maine The proposal, LR 2353, is “Resolve, To Create the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children.”


News: Starts off talking about child labor laws then gets into Erin’s Law.

Maryland  Senate:



Iowa Bill:

Minnesota: Introducing bill in March. Being drafted currently will be done by March 9th. Senator John Lesch introducing bill.

Pennsylvania: Senator Mauree Gingrich Submitting the bill for Erin’s law in March.

Indiana: Senator Rogers sponsor. Passed in the Senate and House. Waiting for governor’s signature.

Senator speaks on Erin’s law Indiana:

Georgia: Introducing next session

New Mexico: Introducing next session by MaryJane Garcia Senate Rep.

Mississippi: Introducing next session


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