Significant Events of the Past Decade 2000-2010

A look back on significant events and accomplishments from 200o-2010 in my life.

1. January 1st, 2000- The first apology I could not bring myself to say I forgive you.

2. February 2001- Got my license and bought my first car in June.

3. June 2002- I overcame my fear of flying and flew for the first time to Texas. It is a good thing I did get over our I would not be able to reach people the same way I do now.

4. April 2003-Sat before a computer and wrote a 5 page letter confronting the cousin that betrayed me, for 7 months we corresponded. November 2003 I Forgave my cousin.

5. March 2004 self-publish my first book Stolen Innocence– June graduated high school-phew glad that is over!  August 2004 move to Macomb and begin a new journey with college and finding myself all over again.

6. January 2005 Stolen Innocence is republished by Health Communications Inc. November fly to New York and tape Montel Williams Show called: Taking Back My Life.

7. May 2006 appear on Good Morning America and Montel Williams (twice)

October 2006 audience member in Oprah that takes part in Oprah’s Pay It Forward Challenge. Was given $1000 to give away with one rule it had to be someone I didn’t know. I raised another $2000 by the community in Macomb, IL and had 4th grade classroom and elderly come together and work as a team on what we should do with the money. They decided to give it to an Iraq solider. I delivered the money to an Iraq solider in Macomb who also had a daughter being treated at Saint Jude for cancer who was also autistic. I was happy with the outcome.

November 2006 was selected to appear on America’s Funniest Home Videos after video I submitted was selected as a finalist. My sister and I flew to California-LA where our other sister who was living in Hawaii flew in and we all appeared on the show. I came in 2nd place and won $3000. It replays on AFV all the time. Just look for the Granny running around in the jail outfit scaring people and that is me.

September 2007- Broke my silence again

January 2008-  Seizure while I was driving, hit the car in front of me, lost my license for 4 months, spent time at Rush Hospital under going a bunch of tests, saw heart doctors, neurologists, misdiagnosis. 2 year mark has arrived and am about to undergo tests again to get off these meds. May- Graduated with my BSW from Western Illinois University. September sat across from childhood friend after breaking a promise we made 16 years earlier.  Confronted another monster in a letter.  (What a year!)

May 2009- Graduated with my Masters in Social Work, November 2009 2nd book published Living for Today.

Today January 2010- Continue to be on a crusade to put  a silent epidemic in the spotlight and wake up a sleeping nation. I am determined to see something huge happen and when I go after something I don’t give up until mission accomplished!

By January 2020 I plan to have that mission accomplished….just wait!


June 2004 H.S. Graduate


May 2008 BSW graduation


May 2009-MSW Graduation


January 2005-Stolen Innocence


2005-finding my book in a mall next to Dr. Phil books


November 2009- Living For Today



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