Waiting For That Day

I was weeks shy of seven

When my innocence was taken to Heaven

That day I went through Hell

And I didn’t know how to tell.

If you witnessed what I saw

You would support Erin’s Law.

Having to face that six in a half year old

Fifteen years later telling her you told.

Entering a room to what I left behind

Something that has never left my mind.

His face still haunts me to this day.

Something I pray will go away.

I remember the pain as if it happened last week.

Deep down it is justice that I seek.

I wish the authorities could do more.

If only I could take them back to 1992 behind that closed door.

To see the evil he forced on me.

There would be nothing more for them to see.

I wish I had the ability to show them the memories in my head.

So they could witness what happened on that bed.

The screams nobody heard

And the evil man on top of me  who told me  not to say a word.

I  exposed his evil in my book Living For Today

There is just one thing left to say.

Those words will come when he is put away

I’m waiting for that day.

All I can do is pray.


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