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Break your silence here….

Anyone who knows me knows my biggest crusade. The crusade to break the silence of sexual abuse. Help warn society of how big of an epidemic it really is and help survivors break their silence and find their voice. So now I ask you all of those out there that know me to share with […]

South Carolina-Columbia

I write this from an airport here in Columbia, S.C. I am waiting for my flight back to Chicago. It has been such a busy week. Tuesday that all important day so much closure to a past I never thought I would get closure to and an outcome that I never expected. Coming face to […]

16 years of waiting

16 years is a long time. It has been 16 years since I made a promise with a best friend to stay silent. All these years have gone by that have led up to today. In two hours I will be sitting across from this childhood friend and her mother. I am never at a […]

Favorite Quote

I had planned to write an entry about something I feel the need to get across but it is too late. I have to wake at 5am. I have grad classes from 8am-7pm. My university is an hour away on top of it. 10 hours of information all in one day but it is my […]

God is great!

I prayed very hard today….I had a phone call I had to make. A very important phone call that took me over an hour to finally do because I was such a nervous mess. For an hour I prayed to God to give me strength I needed it and believe me I was leaning on […]

Life is good!

I left this morning for my MSW orientation. I arrived at 8am and it went until 4pm. It was a long day but I got to know many other MSW students in the program at Aurora University. I really like the campus. It is small but beautiful. It is also nice to be taking it […]


It has been awhile since I last posted. I had just begun my summer grad classes and I must say going from 1-10pm Tue/Thursday can be a lot. It sure did fly by though. I worked a double today and will be doing the same tomorrow morning and Sunday. I have so much on my […]


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